Management of Medical Alert Conditions

All content from the GVSD Toolkit for Management of Emergency Medical Conditions is now included in the information below.

Anaphylaxis Forms and Information

* Note: the FREE Medic Alert "No Child Without Program" has been discontinued. The program is still available to parents for a fee. Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan All students at risk of... Read more

Diabetes Forms and Information

→ Diabetes Checklist for Administrators and Nursing Support Services Information → Provincial Standards: Supporting Students with Type 1 Diabetes in the School Setting Administrators should be familiar with this document. Provincial standards provide... Read more

Seizure Forms and Information

At this time the seizure forms are being updated regularly. To access the most recent forms visit the Nursing Support Services website and click on the middle tab called  "RESOURCES"... Read more

Communicable Disease Process

Question: Our staff have been told by a child's parent that their child from may have a communicable disease, (also known as contagious disease) such as whooping cough, chicken pox,... Read more