Elementary Snapshots


The Snapshot is a monthly newsletter focusing on topics connected to mental health & social emotional learning. The goal is to create a shared learning opportunity for schools and families.


Elementary Snapshots

Building Healthy Habits

March 2022 ~ Parents have significant potential to influence their children's behavior. This includes eating habits, physical activity and mental wellbeing. Parents outrank sports celebrities as the person their child... Read more

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

February 2022 ~ Unfortunately peer bullying is a still an issue for today’s children and one that often requires adult intervention. Young children have no special protection and must rely... Read more

Parenting in the Digital Age

January 2022 ~ Children today are going online at younger ages – which means that parents are getting involved in their digital lives much sooner than they used to. Although... Read more

Preparing for School

September 2021 ~The transition back to school will be a big change as schools move to larger cohorts and more routine, in addition to once again facing a September of... Read more