Elementary Snapshots

Supporting our students by supporting those who care for them

The Snapshot is a monthly newsletter for parents and caregivers focused on topics that support positive mental health.

The content provided in the Snapshots is for information purposes only. The Snapshots include information that is general in nature and does not address the many individual child rearing challenges parents and caregivers may experience. Therefore it is the readers’ responsibility to determine the suitability of the information for their specific needs.


Building Prevention Skills in Children

December 2022 ~ Substance use is a part of everyday life. Sometimes we forget that headache pills, nicotine and caffeine are categorized as drugs. Children learn about drugs in school,... Read more

The Power of Sleep

November 2022~ You signed your child up for soccer to keep them active, made time for long bedtime reading sessions, and filled afternoons with playdates. But did you know that... Read more


September 2022 ~ Since 2018 we have worked diligently to offer parents and caregivers a quality newsletter focused on topics that support positive mental health. When it comes to promoting good... Read more

Elementary Snapshots Sept 2021- June 2022

September 2021 ~ Resilience, Connection and Skills For A Successful September Transition October 2021 ~ Helping Children Develop Decision Making Skills November 2021~ How to Talk So Kids Will Listen... December 2021~ Helping... Read more

Elementary Snapshots Sept 2020 – June 2021

September 2020 ~ Welcome Back! October 2020 ~ Hold on to Your Kids November 2020 ~ Social Emotional Skills  December 2020 ~ Self Regulation January 2021 ~ Science of Kindness February 2021 ~ Screen Time March... Read more