Middle School Snapshots

“Supporting our students by supporting those who care for them”

The Snapshot is a semi-monthly newsletter for parents and caregivers focused on topics that support positive mental health.

The content provided through the Snapshots is for informational purposes only. It includes general information and does not specifically address the diverse child rearing challenges parents and caregivers may encounter.  Readers are encouraged to verify information and consider their individual circumstances when making decisions. The content is not a substitute for professional advice. 

*The term “parent” as used in the Snapshot is inclusive of anyone who is actively involved in raising a child, whether it be biological parents, adoptive parents, guardians, or any other caretakers.


What’s Right With Me!

May 2024 ~ Self-compassion and self-esteem are deeply interconnected aspects of a teenager's well-being. Self-compassion, the practice of being kind and understanding towards oneself, lays the foundation for healthy self-esteem... Read more

Building Bridges

March 2024 ~ In British Columbia, we live and work alongside peoples from a wide range of cultures. There are more than 200 Indigenous communities as well as people from... Read more

Emotional Lives of Teens

November 2023 ~ This Snapshot aims to support parents in navigating their adolescents' intense and sometimes tumultuous emotional journey into adulthood. It offers some understanding and empathy for the challenges... Read more

Community Connections

Sept 2023 ~This  Snapshot explores some of the agencies and services in our community for families. These agencies can serve as valuable partners, offering a wide variety of services designed... Read more

Middle Snapshots September 2021- June 2022

September 2021 - Preparing for School: Resilience, Connection and Skills for a Successful Transition October 2021 - Youth and Substance Use November 2021 - Important Talks with Teens December 2021 - Relationships and... Read more

Middle Snapshots Sept 2020-June 2021

September 2020 ~ Welcome Back! October 2020 ~ Hold On To Your Kids November 2020 ~ Social and Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents December 2020 ~ Taking Care in Difficult Times: Managing Emotions During the... Read more

Middle Snapshots Sept 2019- June 2020

October 2019 - Vaping and Cannabis November 2019 - Human Rights  December 2019 - Teens and Alcohol January 2020 - Youth and Social Media February 2020 - Healthy Screen Time March 2020 - Mental Health... Read more

Middle Snapshots Sept 2018- June 2019

December 2018 - Teenage Brain January 2019 - Cannabis and Alcohol February 2019 - Tobacco and Vaping March 2019- Positive Mental Health April 2019 - School and Community Connections May 2019 - Adolescent Health Survey... Read more