Middle School Snapshots


The Snapshot is a monthly fact sheet focusing on topics connected to mental health & social emotional learning. The goal is to create a shared learning opportunity for students, schools and families.

Middle Snapshots 2020-2021

September 2020 Welcome Back!
October 2020 Hold on to Your Kids
Oct 2020 Middle Relationships
November 2020 Social Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents
Nov 2020 Middle Social Emotional Learning


Middle Introduction September 2019
Middle Vaping and Marijuana October 2019
Middle Vaping and Marijuana Oct 2019 Poster
Small Vape Posters
Middle Human Rights November 2019
Bullying Nov 2019 Poster
Middle Alcohol December 2019
Middle Alcohol Dec 2019
Middle Youth and Social Media January 2020
Middle Social Media January 2020
Middle Snapshot Don't Leave Kids to Their Own Devices February 2020
Middle Use of Social Media February 2020 Poster
Middle Mental Health and Resilience March 2020
Positive Mental Health March 2020 Poster


Middle School Substance Use Snapshot Introduction-November 2018
Poster Substance Use Introduction

 Middle School Substance Use Snapshot-Teenage Brain December 2018
Poster Teenage Brain

Middle School Substance Use Snapshot – Cannabis and Alcohol January 2019
Poster Cannabis and Alcohol

Middle School Substance Use Snapshot- Tobacco and Vaping February 2019
Poster Tobacco and Vaping

Middle Substance Use Snapshot – Positive Mental Health March 2019
Mental Health

Middle Substance Use Snapshot -School and Community Connections April 2019
Poster School and Community Connections

Middle Substance Use Snapshot – Adolescent Health Survey May 2019
Poster Adolescent Health Survey

Middle Substance Use Snapshot -Drug Glossary June 2019
Poster Drug Glossary