Middle School Snapshots

The Snapshot is a monthly newsletter focusing on topics connected to mental health & social emotional learning. The goal is to create a shared learning opportunity for schools and families.

Middle Snapshots

Raising Savvy Digital Citizens

January 2022 ~ Responsible digital citizenship means taking part in online community life safely, ethically and respectfully. Tweens and teens with cell phones and social media, online education, gaming or other... Read more

Relationships and Romance

December 2021~ We teach our kids how to cross the road and tie their shoes, but do we give them the tools they need to give and receive love in... Read more

Youth and Substance Use

October 2021 ~ Talking to teenagers about difficult subjects like substance use can sometimes be a challenge for parents. However, providing your child with balanced information about substance use early... Read more

Preparing for School

September 2021 ~The transition back to school will be a big change as schools move to larger cohorts and more routine, in addition to once again facing a September of... Read more

Hello Summer!

June 2021~ The school year is almost over. Take a  breath, close your eyes and relax. You did it! You got through this challenging year and you and your family... Read more

Helping Youth Cope with Grief

April 2021 ~ We have passed the one year marker of living within the restrictions of a global pandemic. The impact of grief and loss is varied for individuals and... Read more

Managing Family Conflict

March 2021 ~ The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted family life significantly. Many families have remarked about the benefits of increased time together, greater connection, and more time spent on outdoor... Read more

Adolescents and Substance Use

February 2021 ~ The adolescent brain is still developing thus it is more vulnerable to the impact of substance use and potential addiction. How do we encourage our youth to... Read more

The Science of Happiness

January 2021 ~ The holidays looked different for many this year as we continued to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 while trying to maintain the happiness and well-being of our... Read more

Managing Emotions During the Pandemic

December 2020 ~ We are entering the 10th month of our collective worldwide experience - the impact of COVID-19. The concept of pandemic fatigue has been acknowledged by the World... Read more

Social and Emotional Learning

November 2020 ~ Social-emotional skills are the strategies one has for managing strong emotions, navigating relationships, working effectively with others, solving difficult problems, and making responsible decisions. When these skills... Read more

Hold on to your Kids

October 2020 ~ COVID19 has permeated every part of our lives and for many made parenting even more complicated. It has also had the potential to impact the secure attachment... Read more

Welcome Back!

September 2020 ~ This summer provided a brief period to catch our breath, and as we enter September return-to-school plans across BC are in motion. All School Districts and schools... Read more


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Middle School Substance Use Snapshot Introduction-November 2018
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