Secondary Snapshots


The Snapshot is a monthly fact sheet focusing on topics connected to mental health & social emotional learning. The goal is to create a shared learning opportunity for students, schools and families.

Secondary Snapshots 2020-2021

September 2020 Welcome Back!
October 2020 Connection and Relationship
Relationships Oct 2020
November 2020 Social Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents
Secondary Social Emotional Learning Nov 2020
December 2020 Taking Care in Difficult Times: Managing Stress During the Pandemic
Dec 2020 Poster Secondary Stress
Dec 2020 Poster French Secondary Stress
January 2021 The Science of Kindness
Jan 2021 Poster Secondary Kindness
Jan 2021 Poster French Secondary Kindness
February 2021 The Other Health Emergency
Secondary Poster Substance Use Feb 2021

Secondary Monthly Snapshots 2019-2020

Secondary Introduction September 2019
Secondary Vaping and Marijuana October 2019
Vaping and Marijuana Oct 2019 Poster
Secondary Human Rights November 2019
Human Rights Nov 2019 Poster
Secondary Alcohol December 2019
Secondary Alcohol December 2019 Poster
Secondary Youth and Social Media January 2020
Secondary Social Media January 2020
Secondary Snapshot Opioids and Fentanyl February 2020
Secondary Fentanyl February 2020 Poster
Secondary Human Trafficking March 2020
Secondary Human Trafficking 2020


Secondary School Substance Use Snapshot Introduction-September 2018
Poster Substance Use Introduction

Secondary School Substance Use Snapshot Cannabis – October 2018
Poster Cannabis

Secondary School Substance Use Snapshot Teenage Brain-November 2018
Poster Teenage Brain

Secondary School Substance Use Snapshot Fentanyl- December 2018
Poster Fentanyl

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot Recreational Substance Use vs Addiction -January 2019
Poster Recreational vs Addiction

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot- Alcohol February 2019

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot- Vaping March 2019
Poster Vaping

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot-Adolescent Health Survey April 2019
Poster AHS

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot-Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Use May 2019
Poster Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Use

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot-Illicit Drugs June 2019
Poster Illicit Drugs