Anaphylaxis Forms and Information

* Note: the FREE Medic Alert “No Child Without Program” has been discontinued. The program is still available to parents for a fee.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan
All students at risk of Anaphylaxis are required to have an Emergency Action Plan completed and on file at the school. Parent/guardian and physician signatures are required. This Action Plan remains valid throughout the student’s time in our schools UNLESS there is a change to the student’s condition.

The Emergency Action Plans are to be uploaded to MyEd as a PDF so they remain connected to the student as they transition to middle/secondary. If Administrative staff requires information on how to upload a PDF follow this link

Allergy Aware Checklist
This checklist is to be completed by an administrator, parent/guardian, classroom teacher (K-8) and student (age 8 years and up). The checklist ensures all parties involved are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the management of anaphylaxis in the school setting. This document provides a structure that supports an allergy aware environment in your school.

Annual Review of Allergy Aware Checklist & Emergency Plan
It is recommended that Administrators use this form to complete their annual review with parents and student  (age 8 years and up).

10 Steps to an Allergy Aware School for Administrators
10 steps to follow to ensure your school is allergy aware.

Administrator Anaphylaxis Incident Form   
Administrator Incident Follow Up Checklist
These two forms are to be completed by an administrator following an anaphylactic incident in the school.

Letters to Parents/Caregivers:

Anaphylaxis Online Training
This is an ANNUAL training and will take approximately 30 minutes to completeAt the beginning of each school year and as per district policy, training  will be offered to all school staff and persons reasonably expected to have supervisory responsibility of school-age students and preschool age children participating in early learning programs, may include food service staff, volunteers, bus drivers, and teachers on call. This online course will help staff understand the basics of anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risks in a school setting and the recommended emergency treatment.

Allergy Aware Poster
To be posted in high traffic and relevant areas in your school and classrooms.

Signs and Symptoms Poster English Signs and Symptoms Poster French
To be posted in high traffic and relevant areas in your school and classrooms.

Regulation 5141.21-Anaphylaxis
BC Anaphylaxis Protection Order
BC Anaphylactic Child Safety Protection Order