Active Living

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Physical activity helps children and youth develop cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and bone density. It supports the maintenance of a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of chronic disease and health problems.

Active Living

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Grant 

If you want to play, we can help! Our Individual Child Grants help families in financial need cover the costs of participating in sport and recreation. Sometimes, families need financial assistance... Read more

Active for Life

Active for Life promotes development and advocacy of physical literacy and daily physical activity for children... Read more

Let’s Play

Let’s Play is an initiative of the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society that gives children with physical disabilities in British Columbia access to a sport wheelchair and other resources so they can... Read more


BOKS is a FREE physical activity program that improves our children physically, mentally and socially by strengthening their minds and bodies through movement. It is a “ready- to- go” program with... Read more

PHE Canada

PHE Canada champions healthy active kids by promoting and advancing quality health and physical education opportunities and learning environments.... Read more


Playbuilder  will enable sports teams and other organizations to improve how they organize and efficiently share content with their members, allowing them to deliver quality physical activity sessions.... Read more

Action Schools BC

Action Schools BC Physical activity and physical literacy resources to help every child learn how to be healthy and active at school.... Read more