Childhood Diseases and Ailments

Healthlink BC – By calling 8-1-1, you can speak to a health services navigator, who can help you to find health information and services; or connect you directly with a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, a qualified exercise professional, or a pharmacist. You can also visit the website for health information.

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Childhood Diseases and Ailments

Free Psychiatric Medication

Did you know that British Columbia’s PharmaCare program includes a specific plan to provide financial assistance for most psychiatric medications? It’s the No-Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan, also known as Plan G.... Read more

Dental Services

ORCA Dental Clinic The purpose is to provide children and adolescents under 19 years of age from low-income families access to oral care in a not for profit setting. It is... Read more

Concussion Awareness Training (CATT)

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool includes three toolkits providing training in the recognition, treatment and management of concussion for: Medical Professionals Parents, Players, and Coaches School Professionals CATT is free, accessible and regularly updated... Read more

Eye See Eye Learn

Eye See … Eye Learn® is a children’s vision program providing Kindergarten students with comprehensive eye exams and, if prescribed, one free pair of eyeglasses. Good eye health and vision... Read more

BC Healthy Kids Program

The BC Healthy Kids Program helps low income families with the costs of basic dental care and prescription eye wear for their children. Eligible clients include dependent children under 19 years... Read more

Medic Alert-No Child Without

*Note: This program has been paused as of September 2022. We will update when the program is reinstated. The MedicAlert® Foundation Canada is a charitable organization which is the leading provider... Read more