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Victoria Team Wonders What Reimagining Masculinities Could Do
One-day conference discusses what it means to identify as male in...
May 7, 2018
Hundreds of Students Participate in WE Walk for Water Event
Over 350 students, educators, and Ministry of Education staff marched around...
Apr 30, 2018
Lambrick to fill the halls with messages of love for Pink Shirt Day
Lambrick to fill the halls with messages of love for Pink...
Mar 2, 2018

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Babies Help Kindergarten Children Develop Empathy

Superbaby was a big hit this week in Sally Hallam’s French immersion kindergarten class. The Willows Elementary School youngsters couldn’t get enough of mom Sara Amyot holding six-month-old Evie in a flying superhero pose. It was the fourth class visit for the mom-and-daughter duo, part of a program called Roots of… Read more

Middle Years Development Instrument Community Report

Middle childhood – from ages 6 through 12 – is a time of enormous physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Children become more conscious of themselves and their identities, are more aware of social customs and interactions, seek more freedom and autonomy, and expand their capacity for abstract thinking. Along with… Read more

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2 weeks ago
Attending Mental Health Literacy with Monique Moore and Tanya Ross. 4rcommunity photo
4 months ago
Honoured to be at the Blessing of Colquitz Garden. 4rcommunity photo
4 months ago
I'm going to "Webinar: Teacher and School Staff Wellbeing 101". See you there? via @Eventbrite
4 months ago
I'm going to "ReImagining Masculinities". See you there? via @Eventbrite
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