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New Playground at Hillcrest Elementary School
In June, the school celebrated their 50th anniversary and the Hillcrest...
Oct 7, 2016
Reynolds Selected as Third Greenest School in Canada!
Going green has become a natural part of the curriculum for...
New Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy for Greater Victoria Schools
 A new Gender Identity and Expression policy was approved by the...

Are Canadian Kids too Tired to Move?

Canadian Kids are Inactive and They May be Losing Sleep Over it. If you think kids can get a little physical activity and then play video games into the wee hours, yet remain healthy, you’re in for a rude awakening. Emerging research, which spurred Canada to develop the world’s first… Read more

Fostering Connectedness in a School Environment


To understand the benefits of fostering caring environments, it’s helpful to take an ecological view. Dan Reist of CARBC uses a simple analogy of frogs in a pond to help us understand a whole school approach, or what we term comprehensive school health. As he says, “If some of the frogs… Read more

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Picture12 An inseparable relationship exists between a student’s wellbeing and their learning and development. Wellbeing includes physical, mental, social and emotional aspects and is an important learning need for all students. If compromised, it can negatively interfere with learning, academic and lifelong success.
-Dr. Rose Azuike