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Health Canada dishes out new food guide, chops food groups and portions (CHEK, Jan. 22, 2019)
Canada’s new food guide does away with food groups and portion sizes, focusing instead on broader...
Jan 23, 2019
School can wait: What happened when Seattle let its high schoolers sleep in
The evidence continues to pile up: if you don’t hustle your teen out...
Dec 14, 2018
Saanich walks the walk on crosswalk after student lobbied for improvements
Oak Bay News, December 9, 2018 A Saanich woman is thrilled to...
Dec 10, 2018

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SD 61 Participates in WE DAY and year long Local & Global Campaigns

We are proud to share with you that the students and educators in the Greater Victoria School District have accepted the responsibility to make positive change for themselves, their community and the world. Through WE Schools youth are learning about causes that they care about, developing their talents, and putting… Read more

Middle Years Development Instrument Community Report

Middle childhood – from ages 6 through 12 – is a time of enormous physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Children become more conscious of themselves and their identities, are more aware of social customs and interactions, seek more freedom and autonomy, and expand their capacity for abstract thinking. Along with… Read more

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Thank you Carol Todd for a sharing your message of kindness, empathy and compassion at Reynolds School today #sd61learn # @c_todd #choosekind 4rcommunity photo

People who CHOOSE KIND are my KIND of people!
4rcommunity photo
Marla Margetts @marla_margetts
Pink Shirt Day. Next Wednesday February 27. Assembly at 9am. Kindness EVERY day. Let’s wear pink together. This is Vic West ❤️. #SD61Learn

@BehaviorFlip MDI -Middle Years Development Index does just that! Self report survey for grade 4 & 7.

SD 61 Pink Shirt order! So proud that we choose to support this important message on Pink Shirt day an throughout the year! 4rcommunity photo
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Picture12 An inseparable relationship exists between a student’s wellbeing and their learning and development. Wellbeing includes physical, mental, social and emotional aspects and is an important learning need for all students. If compromised, it can negatively interfere with learning, academic and lifelong success.
-Dr. Rose Azuike