June Snapshots Topic: Diversity and Inclusion

If we think of humanity as a large family, then to be inclusive means that everyone has a place at the table. No one is excluded, marginalized, or left out. Everyone has something to offer. Often inclusiveness is described as something we should do to benefit others. However when we… Read more

NEW! Social Emotional Learning Resource

Embedding social and emotional learning (SEL) into instruction is a powerful way to help students connect and engage in learning. This resource was created to provide educators with 25 quick and easy ways to embed SEL into their daily routines and practice.  

Each strategy identifies a what, a why and a how, along with 3-4 resources:
The "what" identifies the strategy principle.
The "why" provides a rationale for using this strategy to support SEL.
The "how" offers practical examples for implementation of the strategy. 

Click on the image above to access the resource. When you see a strategy that interests you, click on the circle and you will be re-directed to the what, the why and the how of the strategy along with supporting information and/or student activities. 

Healthy Schools

Welcome to Healthy Schools

 An inseparable relationship exists between a student’s wellbeing and their learning and development. Wellbeing includes physical, mental, social and emotional aspects and is an important learning need for all students. If compromised, it can negatively interfere with learning, academic and lifelong success.
-Dr. Rose Azuike