Self Awareness-Learning Styles


A learning style is a student’s consistent way of responding to and using stimuli in the context of learning. Stewart and Felicetti (1992) define learning styles as those “educational conditions under which a student is most likely to learn.” Thus, learning styles are not really concerned with what learners learn, but rather how they prefer to learn.


Learning styles are points along a scale that help us to discover the different forms of mental representations; however, they are not good characterizations of what people are or are not like. We should not divide the population into a set of categories (i.e., visual and auditory learners). What these various instruments attempt to do is to allocate a person on some point on a continuum (similar to measuring height or weight). In other words, they are not meant to pigeonhole people as we are all capable of learning under almost any style, no matter what our preference is.

Learning Styles Activity (Middle/Secondary)

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