New Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy for Greater Victoria Schools

 A new Gender Identity and Expression policy was approved by the Board of Education that outlines the expectations, behaviours, language and actions required to support inclusion, and prevent marginalization or discrimination within schools. The policy guides how schools discuss gender and health, and ensures all schools to introduce gender neutral washrooms and change rooms for students and staff.  Every school will have at least one adult who acts as a resource for transgender and gender non-confirming and sexual minority students, staff and families.

“We have an important responsibility to ensure all of our students and staff in our schools are safe and supported within our school community,” noted Board of Education Chair, Edith Loring-Kuhanga. “The gender identity and expression policy was introduced to ensure our commitment to supporting those who are transgender and/or gender non-conforming is clear, and that our schools and programs reflect the safe and inclusive community we all want for our children within the Greater Victoria School District.”

The Greater Victoria School District has been working diligently in this area over the past year. In addition to the changes to the anti-bullying policy required by the Province of British Columbia, the District introduced a standalone policy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

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